Signal Festival

Signal Festival is the largest light design event in the country. It is currently our second year as its Facebook and Instagram masters. The last year experience brought a range of cool strategies which we are happy to push even further this year. A couple of new hacks included. 

Got hard data?

The Signal Festival lights up the whole of Prague. How about the social media platforms, though? The cornerstone of our communication was a proper tone of voice. One in tune with the fact that Signal is, above all things, an event bursting with top notch arts in the public space. We’ll share more details in a second, in the meantime, let us show you a few numbers. 

 4,2 M

Views of the Facebook content within the festival month

 1,8 M

Reach of the Facebook page in the festival week

 2,3 M

Views of Instagram posts in the festival week


Instagram followers in the festival week

We’d love to show you a few graphs too

Here comes a 2019 comparison of light design festivals around Europe and their interaction rates. We are happy to outperform the Berlin Festival of Light, an event two times longer than Signal, hitting over 2 million visitors. And the Lyon festival? Well, speaking of future challenges…

We’re here. Where are you?

A festival means a hell load of posts. Dozens, even hundreds of texts within only a few days. Inevitably, you’re short of time for final touches. That’s why we came up with a virtual tour around all festival’s installations, in line with our Signal slogan “We’re here. Where are you?”. This permitted us to boast the best pictures and boost communication with our fans. 

Instagram 100% 

The Signal Festival is by definition a matter of beauty. And beauty is the imperative of Instagram. Maximum care, an abundance of posts and super-polished content, including original videos made-to-measure for Stories. That’s what we made of it. Check for yourself.

Emoji 😜

Emoji are fun 🤓 Which is not the same as being universally useful. Maybe a little awkward with a community of design lovers 😢 On the other hand, graphic elements help text structuring 👌 With the Signal Festival we have opted B&W characters which help us communicate a lot without sounding childish🤡

Check for the light ✶ a spot on the map ◉gallery admission fee $ 2D screening ◻︎3D screening ❒ a church ▲ or midnight ● When the moment is right for a heart, it comes in black exclusively ???? Well, there are exceptions but we’ll get to that later...

Where do we take you next?